Producer & Remixer
(Tech House,Deep House,House)
Infected with music since ever, I discovered music as my passion! Originally, I took my first steps in the ska genre, produced Hip Hop, Trance and House in its very roots. But for fifteen years, I’ve been touring with live bands in Germany, playing the trumpet and singing as a background singer! I love the stage, but I also feel home in the studio. For a couple of years now, I’ve been mixing the music of bands and musicians to record and produce my style of music. Besides my own music, I have experience in composing music for other bands, as well as creating neutral sound loops for media purposes. Moreover, I mastered my skills in making film music. My music is a hundred percent produced, arranged, mixed and composed by myself. I never use already existing sample loops but rather include elements in my sound design to create completely new lines and melodies. Thus, I design my personal loop with the unique groove I aim for. The result are melodic tunes that are catchy and perfect as club sounds, music that is pushy and danceable, far from atonal and therefore everything but boring. I found my passion, but I am still open when it comes to frame the style of my music. I came a long way from my Atari Computer, Akai Sampler and a Midi-Keyboard years ago. In the future, I would like to make club music, which people move their bodies to. I am enthusiastic about dance rhythms designed for clubs and would like to experiment with influences of genres such as swing, ska, jazz and datscha. The rules are just the conventions of intervals and the regulations of harmony. For everything else, there are no boundaries. As with every artist, I am influenced by my idols. I believe that we are free to incorporate other music to develop our own handwriting. To borrow the word of Pablo Picasso: “Bad artists copy. Good artists steal.“